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Meet Bob

Bob is active on Social Media. He, like many others, likes to shout about his activities on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Does this put him at risk? Lets Find out.

Social media crime map twitter holiday tweet
Social media crime map twitter new car tweet

How at risk from social media are people in your area?

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  • Reported crimes
  • Out of Home
  • New Home
  • On Holiday
  • New Car

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New Home


On Holiday


New Car


Data collected from Jan 1st 2016 - Aug 11th 2017

Social Media Safety Tips from Yale



Don’t share too much about your daily activities and whereabouts on social media as this information can get into the wrong hands.


Watch your tags

Avoid tagging yourself at different locations; this tells opportunistic burglars that you’re away from your home.


Delay posting

Wait to tag, post photos or update statuses until you return home to prevent being targeted.


Security settings

Check security settings are set to private so only your friends and family can see the statuses you post.


Do you know them?

Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know personally - you don’t know who they may be friends with.

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